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PHNOM PENH – Imports of vegetables that have been contaminated with chemicals in the past, as well as now, have been made available to the population There is an unequivocal concern for the health of oneself and their families when eating meat and fish, meat and fish. But this concern may be alleviated or restored in the future as the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia plans or shows The plan to prevent the import of chemical vegetables from neighboring countries for the benefit of the locals and tourists at local hotels . The demonstration by the head of the Royal Government was applauded by the organization for agricultural development and citizens, if possible.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen addresses the participants at the Graduation Ceremony of Graduation Ceremony A study at the National Institute of Education on Feb. 18 found that farmers need protection, as American beef is difficult to bring Go to South Korea if people import Farmers protest against. “In Cambodia, we do not contradict the WTO principle, we need to be monitored Properly to prevent the spread and inspire our people to grow chemical-free vegetables and cut Decrease imports from neighboring countries Use chemicals. ”

"The measure we have to take is to promote domestic production and enter our markets and markets," he said Not just export. Today, our tourists use and supply from outside, including vegetables. We need to strengthen the capacity of our farmers to supply in hotels. Aquaculture is the main source of export for livestock. In the external market, do not cut currencies to buy from outside. In the end, we only get the shells because the supply in the tourism industry depends on the country we bring Supply at the same local tourism so even if the tourists do not go to other countries, they benefit from tourism in Cambodia "

CEDAC executive director Tong Chan Thang said: “Measures to reduce imports of vegetables containing chemicals The Royal Government of Cambodia, on behalf of the CEDAC, working in the field of agricultural development, we applaud this measure if implemented. According to what he said, I believe it "Our local farmers, as well as you, eat in the country."

According to Tong Chan Thang, Sedan has done no research or research on importing vegetables from neighboring countries. To Cambodia. But there is a research institute showing that between 200 and 400 tonnes of vegetables are imported each day So far, the local population has grown considerably, especially in the vegetable and livestock sectors From the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, from the development partners And from civil society organizations.