Kampong Speu: ACUCIPO President Chea Hein calls on Kampong Speu environmental officials to cooperate Logging closures at Phnom Oral Wildlife Sanctuary, Central and South Cardamom Protected Areas as crime re-emerges What provincial officials welcome In this collaboration.

According to Chea Hean's letter dated 31 March, the Post obtained yesterday that ACNCIPO had been investigating Each such as Otrau, Srae Koul, Small Mountain, Boak, Khla and some other sub-offices in the protected area The Central Cardamom and South Cardamom are still active Logging of oxen through tractor-trailer and truck through each sub-office, causing deforestation in the area Conservation.

According to the letter, deforestation in the protected area is at the border of Thmar Baing and Sre Ambel districts of Koh Kong province, along with the cardamom and district Veal Veng province Pursat province passes through the two sub-offices above.

"Therefore, from April 2, 2020, ACNCIPO will work with Environmental Protection Officers stationed at the office," the letter states. Each to block timber transports from the Oral Mountain Wildlife Sanctuary and the Central Cardamom Protected Areas and Range Conservation Areas South Cardamom to push m The Environmental Protection Agency enforces the law on protected areas.

Chea Hean told the Post yesterday that he had already submitted the letter to the Kampong Speu Provincial Department of Environment. March to close all ports in those areas. If found guilty, he will cooperate with law enforcement officials.

He said that after blocking the entrance to each wildlife sanctuary, his team and the rangers would patrol and crack down in the area. To search and find the perpetrators of this forest. He said that the logistics activities had begun to intensify while the officials were busy working on anti-retroviral drugs.

“I do not know how much the rangers at each station work with us,” he said. No, because I heard that the Kompong Speu Provincial Department of Environment summoned his officials about my request, but I did not know he Crime Scene or Meeting Siyan me to see the actual situation.

I don't know for sure, but I have already got three of my fellow soldiers to cooperate. With a probation officer. "

Em Sokun, director of the Kompong Speu Provincial Department of Environment, could not be reached yesterday for comment. Hul Mara, director of Phnom Penh's Oral Phnom Wildlife Sanctuary, said the phone was unavailable.

Kampong Speu provincial governor Vy Samnang said yesterday that he welcomes any civil society that wants to help protect natural resources because it is The common property of all Cambodians. But he urges all civil society organizations to consider their work to avoid abusing officials, taking advantage of opportunities or improper intentions. Something.

So far, officials have repeatedly cracked down and there have been reports of forest crime. So he wants more involvement to protect the forest and natural resources.

“I understand that cracking down on crime is a need for people to get involved, and transportation needs money, food and materials,” he said There are others for cracking down on the perpetrators, but many of our officials have limited means of transport, and funding is limited. So we demand the participation of the private sector and civil society to take care of our forests. ”