Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng has urged all schoolsBoth the public and the state must promote and prevent the sale of sweets and sweets in the vicinity The school because eating sweets and sweet drinks will make the students a success. People of our nation are at risk, such as dental disease, Heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Khuong Sreng's push for this initiative came on Saturday morning. 2563 coincides with the January 18, 2020 inauguration of the International School, located along National Road 6 Prek Prak commune, Chroy Changvar commune, Phnom Penh capital.

Mr. Sreng Sreng said that the creation of this private school was part of Of supporting the Cambodian Government's education reform policy Increasing the provision of better education services in Phnom Penh.

Private schools play an important role in the foundation of human capital All protection, development and development of the country.

On that occasion, Mr. Khuang Sreng also urged Mrs. Chea Sina, Chairman of the Board of Management, teachers, teachers The Edmonton International School must adhere fully to its educational programs and pedagogy. The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport in particular must implement this policy The Royal Government of Cambodia, Education for All ”and Promoting Local Education The slogan “Good children, good students, good friends, good citizens, more active and effective. Provides educational services with a focus on 'quality of service'. Students' education should be linked to lessons on history, culture, tradition, national culture, peace, respect for dignity and dignity Human rights, etiquette, etiquette, art, sports, and other life skills so that they can gain experience. Better knowledge and precision For society. More education awareness programs should be developed related to the fight against violence and trafficking Women and children eliminate social discrimination, preventing the spread of HIV-AIDS The dangers of drug use and related education will have to be respected in law Land, roads, etc. Promote the promotion and prevention of the sale of sweets and sweet drinks in the school environment as required by the administration Phnom Penh has long been a guide because of its delicious pastries and soft drinks Strong will make the students, the bamboo shoots of our society Exposure to risks, such as
Dental disease, heart disease, obesity and diabetes, and if human resources Our health is not healthy and our society also has to suffer, so we must pay attention Put it all together.

Chea Sina, president of the Aden International School Board, said she is passionate about supporting the education sector. Authorized by Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Education on November 18, 2008 Seng Long Ban Establishing a Private Enterprise Smart Key International Launched Private Business Service under the trade name "Smart-Kid Internet" Snow, or Smart Kids International School, Campus 1, from January 7, 2009 with the support of The number of parents and students has soared to about 3,200 enrollment (3,000) ) In academic year 2, 018-2019. Private enterprise “Smart
– Cyber ​​International has evolved into Smart Kids Internet. Nissan Skills International Co.Ltd ”and expanded its reach from one branch to 7 branches.