Phnom Penh: Governor of the Phnom Penh Municipal Council, Mr. Khuong Sreng Ordered authorities to take serious measures against landlords who violate canals .

If the land is not violated, the Governor will take action to file a complaint to the court to take action. Legally.

Khieu Sreng's confirmation came in the morning of July 8, 2020, as he led a professional official to visit the sewage station 100% complete.

Khuong Sreng said that if the commune chief did not file a complaint with the court, he would file a complaint against the commune authority.

He ordered the Meanchey district authorities to immediately remove the dirt from the canal. He said, “The only property he has, is a week to get the land out. If they do not, file a complaint to the court, ”he said.

Khuong Sreng says drainage is a source of living for Phnom Penh residents. According to the report from the authority of Khan, the wealthy person who dumped the land into the canal, named Hang Kong, a trader in the excavation Sell.

A local official said the land in violation of the five drainage canals at the head of the pumping station was the land of a tycoon.By: Kolab