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Kep Governor of the Kep Provincial Council at 11:30 am April 13 reacts Three solid concrete fence makers have different owners, digging and dredging The Straight Communities at Okaket point are located in Angkul village, Anlong commune, Damnak district.

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The provincial governor saw an image of a local newspaper and television broadcast and a provincial government official showed it The location at which the land is encircled
The governor of Kep called by phone, speaking loudly to Ms. Chhunny, the Governor of the Chhmar district. Have her and the professional officials review the story of a concrete fence maker breaking community land.

Mr. Ken Sitha told the district governor to send an urgent report to the province
In the case of violators of state land, he says, the builders of state land are also community land But the plan was demolished because it was a bad thing, ”said Kep Gandhi, deputy governor of Kep province. It was supposed that the subordinate officials did not report to the province, and there were abuses This kind of community land.

You have been told that the Kep Provincial Department of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction says Construction of the fence, according to officials, had been issued to the design department, but he refused to leave. Blueprint for you to encroach upon communal land.

However, Soy Chantravuth, director of the District Land Management Office, was often spotted. Staircases and other officials go to measure the land which has been disputed by the coast of Anlong Veng Many times, including community land, fisheries officials have also mentioned the community land Fisheries say fencing and clearing of communal land is not enough to get a bed net. Keep stealing.