Phnom Penh Governor Khuong Sreng encourages marketers to continue their business as usual and announces that the market must work, despite Phnom Penh and several provinces finding new cases of respiratory virus. Also, Kov-19.

Speaking on the occasion of the dissemination of hygiene and hygiene measures to prevent the spread of Kovi-19, as well as dispensing masks and hand sanitizers to the officials of the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration on March 25, 2020, Mr. Khuong Sreng said. “We are only encouraging them to keep trading so that our people can continue their daily lives If we suspend our market to find something to eat? This is an issue that needs to be considered, so we are still encouraging the market to stay open. ”

“At first it was a surprise to go and buy all the stock, but now we see that we are sustainable even in the macro or in other supermarkets. Go buy, as usual, not as competitive as the video clip from overseas, which we see overseas as a mess, but in Phnom Penh Our overall, in particular in the country we do not have this happen, and encourage all citizens are convinced that minokhveahte food in the country. "

Mr. Kreng Sreng continues to advise people to get accurate information, especially on the issue of Kov-19 without trusting the social media in which there is no clear and irresponsible message in case of an SMS message. Phnom Penh will block the entrance to Boeung Keng Kang district to prevent foreigners from passing by, he said Phnom Penh Municipal Court rejected and considers such promotion is inflated.

“We would like to inform all Phnom Penh residents, have faith in the Phnom Penh administration, and all the information. Through the media, the official poker, Facebook, news media, or the official stamp of the administration Phnom Penh. "

“Today, it is rumored that the lake is now closed to foreigners or passports, but it is clear to the people in the capital that things must be very clear and do not believe in the promotional wife who is not. There is a responsibility or no identity. ”

“I have a Hotline in Phnom Penh regarding the Kovid-19 (Covid-19), and we can take it to discuss and send you to a place for treatment or a medical checkup or maybe ask Hotline for information that you have a question about. Please be advised that the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration will be able to receive direct information from our administration for any inquiries.

It is also known that Phnom Penh, as instructed by the head of the Royal Government of Cambodia, has shut down entertainment facilities such as KTV (Karaoke Television), nightclubs, big concerts and crowdfunding events as a measure to prevent And fight against the spread of Kov-19. At the request of the Ministry of Tourism and with the permission of Samdech Techo, the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration also suspended the use of beer, which is a place for selling food, music and entertainment that can meet many people and pose a risk to the people.

In the morning of March 25, 2020, Cambodia has identified a total of 93 Kovid-19 patients, including six who have recovered from the disease, according to a report by the Ministry of Health. Phnom Penh has had 12 HIV / AIDS cases.