Phnom Penh Governor HE Khuong Sreng has called on youAll citizens in Phnom Penh must trust the administration of Phnom Penh and not trust false alarms.

Such a call from HE Khuong Sreng came to an interview with the media after the end of handover of massages of alcohol and alcohol. Phnom Penh Municipal Administration Officer in the evening of March 25, 2020 at City Hall.

His Excellency, Mr. Khuong Sreng, said that all information is requested for citizens to hear the news of Phnom Penh administration through media. Official Facebook News Signature System or the Official Seal of Phnom Penh Administration

He added that today, it has been rumored that the lake is now closed to foreigners. Regarding the bombing of information, His Excellency Khuong Sreng told the people in the capital that things need to be believed.
As for the Capital Administration, don't believe in irresponsible or unidentified promotional wife. On social media, often misleading words, consider the event before believing it, ask the question clearly.

HE clarified that the Phnom Penh Administration has a hotline related to Covid-19 (which we can accept to discuss and send you to The location for your treatment or examination, or you can ask the Hotline for any questions you may have. Please follow the hotline so that you can get direct information and clarify any questions.

Regarding Strategic Plan to Prevent the spread of HIV-19 in Phnom Penh The government, as well as the Prime Minister, have announced that we will close KTV (Karaoke Television), we close big concerts and concerts A lot. Also, the morning of March 25th, the Prime Minister ordered us to suspend the brahminas, food stalls and music that can meet many people. Pose a risk to the people. At this point, the leaders have taken into account the well-being of the people for fear of uncontrolled infection.

He said that we all know that Kovid-19 (Covid-19) is clean if we are clean
Live apart, don't get together too often, we can prevent the disease from spreading because we do not know Who is sick and who doesn't get sick, so this is a good way to get guidance from the Ministry of Health.

HE Governor added that we only encourage them to continue their business so that our people can live daily if we suspend Where can we buy something to eat? This is an issue that needs to be taken into account, so we encourage the market to stay open.

His Excellency also reminded that at first, there were surprises to buy and buy in stock but now we have Sustainably, even in macros or in supermarkets, people we usually buy are not as competitive as the video clips from Overseas, we find that abroad is a problem We are confused, but in our capital Phnom Penh, in general, in Cambodia we do not have this problem and wish all the people Belief that there is no shortage of food in Cambodia