Phnom Penh: Samdech Krom told the Royal Government of Cambodia Another long-term national program will be started by 2021 to ensure deep implementation of this reform. On key issues such as strengthening the district, district and district administrations that are experiencing a budget shortage, implementing capacity issues, staff capacity, planning system, procedures, and Places to serve citizens.

This morning, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, the Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior and Mr. Krasaing Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Committee for Democratic Development Sub-National (NCDD) Chairs the Dissemination and Launching Ceremony of Provincial Health Department At the Ministry of Interior.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen (L) shakes hands with visiting HE Senior Minister, Secretary of State, Under Secretary of State, relevant ministries and institutions. You are the Deputy Governor of the Provincial Governors of the Capital, you are the President and Deputy Director of the 25 Provincial Health Departments as well as civil servants and representatives of social organizations. Many more civilians.

His Excellency Ngan Chamroeun, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Interior and Chairman of the NCDD Secretariat reported that the structure of the current health center had been transferred. To be under the management structure of the C / P, including 25 health centers, 25 provincial hospitals, 103 ODs; There are 92 health centers, 1,221 health centers and 127 health posts.

As well as the transfer of structure, he added that the Ministry of Health transferred human resources working in health departments and subordinate units to the Capital Administration. In 2012, there were 174 238 physicians working in referral hospitals and 17,238 health centers. There are 2,886 hospital and health department administrators and nearly 3,000 contract staff.

He added that the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Interior have issued inter-ministerial Prakas on the transfer of financial resources with conditions To the Capital and Provincial Administration for this function in accordance with the National Budget Act 2020 and the Inter-Ministerial Prakas, approximately $ 166.5 million Transferred to Provincial and Municipal Administration and property in use by Health Departments and Subordinate units will also be transferred to Provincial Administration in the near future.

On the occasion, HE Dr. Mam Bunheng, Minister of Health, continued to express his interest to the prince and the ceremony, noting the transfer of management functions. Providing health services to the C / P administration aims to improve the provision of quality, safe, effective and equitable health services through Facilitate decision making and accountability to provide health services closer to the people.

He emphasized that the Ministry still has some essential functions such as the development of the National Health Policy Agenda, setting technical standards, providing guidelines and reviews. And monitoring, evaluating, health system performance. The Minister also advised the Provincial Administration to mobilize financial support, materials and technology and use resources to provide health services within their jurisdiction. Effectively, transparently, and accountable.

Cambodia's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior HE Sar Kraslaw Kheng, and the President of the National Committee for Sub-National Democratic Development (NCDD) PR) invited speakers and provided comments to the event. Samdech Hun Sen said the handover of health care services to the provincial and municipal administrations was a historic achievement of D&D reform in Cambodia. Has been running for over 10 years.

"At the end of the day, we have accomplished a lot of things, but at the same time there are some things that still need to be done," he added. Continue to organize the National Program for this reform for a limited time as this is the most recent in the history of the administrative system. Those of us who demand patience and consideration at every turn avoid mistakes that affect our service to the people.

"Even though our country is suffering from the disease 19, according to the report, In the first month of 2020, we have jointly prepared the legal norms and carried out a number of necessary tasks to ensure the implementation of the Sub-Decree. Manage the health sector by issuing budget transfers and announcing the organization and operation of the health center.

According to the Prime Minister, under this new health management system, the council and the provincial governors will be responsible to the government and citizens Within its jurisdiction, the results of operations relating to the provision of health services and the responsibility of the C / P administration; The belly of the government is performance based on policies, plans, health plans and standards set by the Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, the Director of the Department of Health of the Provincial Health Department should be responsible to the provincial council and the provincial governor Manage the management, technical support and monitoring of assigned health services.

He indicated that the Royal Government will continue to design and implement another long-term national program starting 2021 to ensure its continued success. Implementing this reform will deepen on important issues such as strengthening the district, district and district administrations who are experiencing a budget shortage and implementing capacity issues. System personnel, planning, procedures, procedures, and facilities for citizens.

The new national program will give priority to strengthening the municipal, district, district and Khan administration to ensure cooperation with the commune administration, he said. Neighborhoods to become local governments have the capacity and resources to adapt public services and local development in line with the needs of the people.

The National Program will also explore options for adjusting the structure of the Capital and Provincial Governments, in order to clearly define their functions, roles and responsibilities. The responsibilities of sub-national administrations in each category to play the role of regional administration, the functions and responsibilities of representatives Government, Ministries, National Institutes for Coordination and Support for Local Administration, Security, Order, Social Services and Investment-Related Functions.

Samdech stressed that the Ministry will continue to study and develop for the Phnom Penh Municipal Administration to be a special administration that requires a separate structure and management system. In modern IT, to ensure the management, management and delivery of public services and economic development meet the growing needs of the population.

The ministry will study to enable sub-national administrations to use sophisticated technology to provide efficient, efficient, transparent and efficient services and access resources, he said. Revenue to strengthen ownership of resources and the Ministry will also study options to determine the potential of some provinces or cities to be able to Organized as a future autonomous administration.

Notably, to ensure that the C / P administration can begin to manage the function of the health care system in a responsible manner Led the Provincial Administration to disseminate and launch the Health Department of the Provincial Capital Administration in compliance with Ministry of Health measures Interrupted the infection of CAVV 19.

Regarding the transfer of more than 20,000 staff, the prince said that although the staff remained in the health department, the staff These are transferred under the direct management of each provincial capital and that special management of staff is the task Sensitive that councils and governing bodies must be transparent in accordance with established principles, procedures and procedures.

The prince also said that the funds that were transferred contained the conditions that required the council and board to have a clear understanding. The rules, procedures and procedures for managing and using this budget will not be used for functions other than health NCDD cooperates with Ministry of Health, Ministry of Economy and Finance to speed up the transfer of assets related to health services The province will be completed by 2020.

Before concluding on behalf of the Royal Government on behalf of the NCDD, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Royal Government of Cambodia HE Sar Kheng reiterated his strong commitment. The Royal Government is committed to further deepening decentralization reforms to contribute to the acceleration of national development.

By: Kolab