Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Prime Minister Hun Sen announces that the government will launch a cash subsidy program for more than 560,000 poor families, or about 2 million 3 Sen on June 24, as officials confirm that the identification of poor families is ongoing.

Mr. Hun Sen posted on his Facebook page yesterday that the global pandemic of 19 had affected the country. The Cambodian economy has been severely stranded and some people have been laid off, especially in rural areas. Lack of food.

“The Cambodian government has been looking for ways to help poor people in this situation,” he wrote. Wednesday, June 24th, we will officially announce the cash subsidy program for poor and vulnerable families During the fight against cow disease 19. "

According to a sub-decree signed by Mr. Hun Sen on June 12, only seen yesterday was a poor family in the inner city Phnom Penh and the outskirts of Phnom Penh, each of the families of poor families Level 1 and Level 2, receive 120,000 stipend KHR per month.

For one poor family member in Phnom Penh's urban area, Level 1 receives a subsidy of 52 thousand riel per month while One member of a poor family in Level 2 receives a grant of Riel 36,000. Sub-decree says that a member of a poor family in the outskirts of Phnom Penh receives 40,000 riel per month and members In a Level 1 poor family and a subsidy of 28,000 Riels for a member of a Level 2 poor family. Vulnerable children, such as children from the age of 5 onwards, persons with disabilities, persons over the age of 60, and families with HIV / AIDS, both Downtown in and out of Phnom Penh get equal monthly allowance: 40,000 Riels per person For Level 1 poor and 28,000 riel for Level 2 poor.

The sub-decree states that poor and vulnerable households in rural areas, 1 and Level 2, receive 8 subsidies. Ten thousand riels a month, while victims such as children are 5 years old and disabled people aged 60 and over Households with HIV / AIDS are those living in Level 1 poor families receiving KHR 24,000 and those in poor households 2 Receive KHR 12,000 per month.

The Ministry of Planning says the update identifies poor families as of June 1 to receive government subsidies during the period. The cholera outbreak has been found in more than 560,000 families, or about two and a half million people.

Theng Ministry of Planning, director general of the Ministry of Planning, told the Post yesterday that the numbers of people who were identified as poor families had to be The Ministry of Planning has already sent it to the Ministry of Economy to determine the amount of money available to those families.

He added that the survey of poor people is ongoing since June 1, and at the end of the month Update on the number of renewals for the next installment payment in early July. He said that the Ministry of Planning will determine the number of the poor while the Ministry of Economy and Finance will determine the amount and the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation As direct cashier.

“The number of families who identify as poor is increasing after June 1, but we are not yet used "No, because of the size of the budget and the cash support, we are taking steps."

Meas Sok Sen San, spokesman for the Ministry of Economy, also did not say how much it would have to subsidize to more than 560,000 poor families That family too. "That sum will be announced on June 24," he said.

The Ministry of Economy has confirmed that the government allocated the budget for the outbreak during the epidemic 19, ranging from $ 800 million to $ 2,000. Millions of dollars to help stabilize businesses in some areas help ease the burdens of vulnerable workers and people, as Meas Soksan stressed. He told reporters recently that the reserves have been spent by the government for more than $ 1 billion.

In addition to announcing the start of a cash subsidy program for poor families, Mr. Hun Sen also called on people to be careful about the outbreak of Kuwait 19. Use a professional mask, wash your hands with soap, alcohol, or disinfectant gel.

For companies and managers in crowded places like supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, cafes, especially clinics and hospitals, The state and the private sector must have water, alcohol and masks available to consumers to prevent the spread of the disease 19 to one person.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Health announced that there were no more of the new Kovir 19 patients, but another patient had recovered The number of recoveries has risen to 127 out of a total of 129 reported cases in Cambodia.

However, the Ministry of Health has called on citizens to remain vigilant, adapting to a new lifestyle Take consistent self-defense measures such as washing your hands often, wearing a mask or scarf when necessary or when rubbing or Cough must carry a social and individual safety gap to prevent the second wave of infection in the country.