Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Royal Government of Cambodia has announced that it will take legal action against any traders who take advantage by raising prices. Mind in the markets or shops that open daily to eat while the people are worried and overwhelmed by the disease.

Prime Minister Delegation and government spokesman Phay Siphan appealed during a press conference at the Peace Palace yesterday asking businessmen who were Shop owners, don't take advantage of profits by raising prices, especially food, while people are suffering from disease. Kovid 9. He called on people to turn to the Khmer tradition of helping in times of emergency.

Concerned by residents' concerns about the coronavirus or coronavirus 19, which has been a cause of concern for the residents, Phay Siphan told residents to remain firm. Not to Worry Too, Noting That Prime Minister Hun Sen Is The First Line To Fight Against Kuwait 19 .

"Please inform the people, do not be overly disturbed, so that opportunists can take advantage of the rising prices of goods," he said. Unreasonable. Please, the general shop owner, keep the spirit of Khmer solidarity.

He also warned: “In case of irregularities, the competent authorities will take legal action. Therefore, traders should be careful that the government will take legal action when it comes to overpricing. ”

A government spokesman confirmed that a 60-year-old Chinese man, who has had a 19-year-old cholera, has already been cured. The 38-year-old Cambodian man who is being treated at Siem Reap Referral Hospital is in good health Anything else, even if he continues to be positive, Kovid. All of those affected were also positive for the Kov 19 virus. The 65-year-old British woman is being treated at a private hospital in Phnom Penh. He is well, with no symptoms.

In a press conference yesterday, Secretary of State and Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak also revealed the Ministry of Interior's results during the year. He also highlighted the number of international gateways Cambodia has in relation to other countries in the world. He added that Cambodia has 82 international checkpoints, land, water and air gates.

Khieu Sopheak told journalists that in the crackdown on the crime of 2019, the joint force of the anti-counterfeit commission cracked down 60 cases. Ten of the perpetrators, including tons of evidence, have been sent to court. These fake products include soap, medicine, medicine, food, etc.

Regarding the crackdown on illegal money offenses, he said: “We have launched 75 money laundering investigations to build the case 15 cases to the prosecution body. "The prosecution has decided to charge 10 money laundering offenses."

He added that, with a cash freeze of $ 7 786,179.35 million, he saved three houses and one plot of land and a car. 72 vehicles and 26,553 motorcycles are illegal traffic offenses.

The identification card issued to citizens, he said, so far, the printing of the national ID number 10 million 595 91 The ballots were awarded 10 million, 440,000, 161 million more than the plan of more than 11 million. It means that Cambodians generally have an ID card. For the investment, he said that as of the end of 2019, there were 2622 investment companies, of which 252 were agriculture. Compared to 2018, there are 76 companies.

“Foreign investment activity has increased significantly. Especially in the manufacturing sector, enterprises reflect that foreign investors still trust and choose Cambodia as their investment destination. ”

His prison story shows that by the end of 2019, there were 3,7007 detainees, including 2584 women. After the 1993 elections, Cambodia had nearly 2,000 detainees nationwide.

“So as the nation progresses, crime increases dramatically,” he said.

As for security in order in 2019, Khieu Sopheak said that Cambodia has been through a series of events, some of which may have a serious impact on national security as a whole. . Especially in 2013, after the election, he described the former CNRP as a troublemaker for the nation.

“The exchange before the election was right. But after the election, that's not right. In 2013, the former CNRP, whose law was abolished, he organized a campaign until the end of January 4-5, 2014 "The riots are all in the hands of the authorities and in the hands of the government lawyers, charge the accused."

On charges he outlined illegal rebels overthrowing the government last year, authorities arrested 73 people during the campaign. Sam Rainsy returns to the country. 91 Misdemeanors using social network and the Khmer Rouge Liberation Movement to overthrow the legitimate government Research competence, detection and suppression.

For all kinds of strike actions in the Kingdom of Cambodia there are 669 strikes and the strike has been resolved. Take action in accordance with legal principles.

According to Khieu Sopheak, between 2018 and 2019 the offenses included the increase in 2018, up from 2969 to 2019 to 3196 cases overall. Offense. Of the 2018 crimes, there were only 621 cases up to 2019, up to 701 crimes and 2348 cases up to 2495 in 2019. There were 238 deaths in 2018 and 211 deaths in 2019. In 2018, there were 844 injuries and 829 injuries.