Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post Prime Minister Hun Sen has announced that the government has received nearly $ 9 million from local charities for the fight against the disease. The outbreak is ongoing as the Ministry of Health has discovered the virus.

Hun Sen's announcement came during a meeting with some 422 volunteer doctors before launching a mission with the Ministry of Health to fight With the disease 19 on Wednesday.

“So far, the funding of philanthropic engagement has been around 9 million. Thanks also to the King, and His Majesty the King. Thank you to the charities who participated, no matter how much. This shows how Khmer people love each other. Our budget is just over $ 8 million for our citizens every day, and we will continue to receive Because of the disease, it is not calm. ”

Hun Sen says King Norodom Monineath donated $ 200,000, while King Norodom Sihamoni has donated $ 10. Ten thousand dollars. He says the government has not used the budget yet because it has to prepare the budget. If the budget goes down and the disease of 19 has calmed down, his goal will be to divert the remainder to the fund Kantha Bopha Hospital. "This budget is not yet finished and must be used and used in anti-Kov 19 action," he said.

Mr. Hun Sen also mentioned the name of Oknha Thai Sambath, who has provided a five-star hotel for Kovid 19 patients. No money.

All 19 people living with HIV / AIDS in Cambodia, both Cambodian and foreign, have been treated by doctors Cambodia is free of charge because it is Cambodia's duty as a host. He said the policy is different from Vietnam, which requires foreigners to pay for the treatment of the disease.

“The Vietnamese prime minister has declared that foreign nationals who have the disease must pay for their own medical care. We are poor but we are proud. Whoever is sick on our land, we pay for medical treatment. Where! He lost to his own country. Anna sent the money and if she didn't have the money, he would die! Take care of him and they are not eating like us. It has to have bread, curry, butter, butter. Let's just eat it! ”

VN Express International on March 14 quoted Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc as saying that foreigners in Vietnam have to pay for themselves. Treatment If they contain coronavirus. However, they will not have to pay for quarantine and a test for HIV.

On March 23, Germany announced a grant of 1.5 million euros to support the Government's Emergency Response Plan 19 on prevention And respond to the rapid spread of the disease 19 in the country.