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Besides flavoring food, these ingredients also play an important role in maintaining health. For example, he can provide the ability to fight off germs and burns that can cure and prevent many diseases Spicy peppers can often have the following health benefits:

Anti-inflammatory: Red chili peppers contain an inflammatory substance that can cure many diseases. It can help reduce inflammation caused by inflammation such as arthritis, throat or ringworm.

Heart health: Heart disease is the most common disease around the world and is the leading cause of death Sleep. Spicy red peppers may help reduce your risk of heart disease. The substance contained in red peppers will help reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides.

Colds: Besides reducing pain and reducing inflammation, capsaicin found in red peppers can help reduce the incidence of anemia. And relieve nasal congestion in the cold. You can also add spicy red peppers in the soup water to help relieve nasal congestion.

4. Increases immune function, red peppers are rich in vitamin A and other antioxidants. These substances will strengthen the immune system's function in preventing disease and reducing the risk of infection. Many antioxidants can help reduce free radical activity in the body and also reduce toxins (Source: Health.com.kh) ៕ (Edited by: Bopha)