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Pursat: Changsha is an adventure resort in Pursat province, and if you do not want to come back Come back and want to go back again.

Mr. Chhok Chour, Director of Tourism Development Department of Ministry of Tourism, shows the pride of the potential as well as the beauty of the adventure resort. Strait port in Pursat province. He said that the natural beauty there is not comparable.

There are countless natural sites in Pursat province … but other resorts The port of Changleang can be considered as a new tourism product of this western province, with potential to not be described Yes. The natural beauty there is sure to overwhelm visitors who want to come back and not want to go again. Yes.

Just a view of a waterfall or a waterfall from the top of a hill descending into a stream of music. Comfortable lounge with all kinds of bird sounds, buzzing lullaby that will catch the eye of tourists Go to an unexpected paradise. The waterfall that runs through the communal waterway is perfectly water-filled, and guests can take a bath Have fun. ”

The head of the department said that tourists who come to Chiang Rai resort will get excited. Stunned to the view of the long Cardamom Mountains, the mountains are covered with lush natural vegetation. Chiang Rai port is an important community of Pursat Province under good cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and experts, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Environment and the community This one acts as a guide and offers you a tour of the corridor.

Chhok Chor said that the Chiang Rai tourist community will also offer adventure tours along the river or river. There is more food supply from the community. At the same time, we are working with the Ministry of Environment to organize a community lodge for tourists.

Sources said that not all adventure tourists who visit there are allowed to travel on their own Some of them are unfamiliar with the area, and in other words, they may be lost or at risk of accidents, so must be Guidance and guidance from community members. All guests who want to get to the Chiang Rai area must first contact the community.

Don't encourage adventurous travelers and travel by yourself and don't tell the community. But we cannot prevent them if they continue to do so without informing the community, but they have to accept it Be responsible for yourself if there are problems in the end.

Since May 2020, domestic tourism growth has grown significantly, with the majority of them arriving, Chuk Tien said. Coastal areas and natural sites, and if the situation of cholera 19 is exacerbated, a significant increase in the number of tourists is expected There will be a high rise. (Edited by: Bopha)