PHNOM PENH, President of the Cambodian Youth Party, wrote a message on Facebook on the 19thJanuary 4 says four young women will be detained for at least two months if prosecutors are willing to apply the law equally. Justice according to the Criminal Procedure Code of our Kingdom of Cambodia.

Refer to the Criminal Procedure Code as follows: Article 214, Temporary Detention in Juvenile-Related Disputes
Ages 14 to Under 18 For juveniles aged 14 to under 18 and charged with misdemeanor detention The following: 1. A pretrial detention may not exceed two months when the minor is less than 16 years. Temporary is no more than 4 months when the minor is I. From 16 years to under 18 years, the period of detention from point 1 and point 2 shall not exceed half the minimum The sentence imposed by the minor is not.

Mr. Pich Fresh said that this morning, I will send a letter to the Minister of Justice to push for strict enforcement, transparency and justice, to ensure The society is clean and I will not send a letter to the prosecutor because the Minister of Justice has the right to sue for prosecution. The present legal proceedings. By: Sarkozy