Thong State, director general of tourism development and international cooperation The Ministry of Tourism of the Kingdom of Cambodia attends the Fourth Asean Tourism Committee meeting to discuss regional tourism rehabilitation and discuss Measures for coping with the Ivorian-19 crisis.

These meetings were facilitated by the Secretariat of the ASEAN Secretariat Mr Lim Chork Hai through the Video Conference, including: 1st ASEAN Tourism Competition Committee Meeting, 2nd Meeting of ASEAN Tourism Expert Review Committee (ATPMC), 3rd: Ninth and 4th ASITDC Sustainable Tourism Development Committee (ATITM) Meeting ).

In addition to the ASEAN Tourism Commission meeting, the Director-General added that the ASEAN Tourism Marketing Partnership Working Group meeting was also held. 9 Also. The ASEAN Tourism Commission has set out a number of major policies to rehabilitate ASEAN tourism and measures to combat the Ivory Coast crisis. The following are:

First, ASEAN supports the development of guidelines on assessing the capacity of the staff working in the ASEAN tourism industry Cambodia-led ASEAN qualification system.

Secondly, in line with the Mutual Recognition Arrangement (MRA), the ASEAN Member States support the ASEAN Tourism Skills Training in line with it ASEAN qualification system and has supported the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia to launch the ASEAN MRA E-Learning online training program.

Third, ASEAN will draw up guidelines on hygiene and safety measures to curb the spread of Kuwait-19 as well as promote measures. Sanitation and Safety for ASEAN Tourism in the aftermath of the Kov-19 crisis.

Fourth, promoting ASEAN tourism investment will introduce investment guidelines for ASEAN tourism.

Fifthly, ASEAN is making joint efforts to use digital and AI to promote ASEAN tourism.
Sixth, ASEAN plans to rehabilitate tourism in the wake of the Kuwaiti -19 crisis.

And 7: ASEAN is planning the ASEAN Tourism Market Strategy 2021-2025.