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In the Continent, at dawn on the 15th day of the lunar New Year, the Bodhisattva dreams come to mind. Worst 5 times:

In the first dream, he saw another image lying face down on the earth beside himself. Succumbed to the Himalayas as a pillow of the mantra: lower left hand in the ocean And he took his right hand and went down into the west, and went down into the deep Into the South Ocean he looks out and sees the light until dawn.

In the second dream, he saw a wheel-shaped shower coming up from his navel. The high air in some bushes was a ring of grass.

Dream # 3: He saw flamingoes, white and black, rising from the bottom of his feet. Knees.

The fourth, he saw four kinds of birds, each one of them having a different color, He fell at his feet, and they were all white.

Dream # 5: He sees a statue on a large mountain stool, but his feet are not stained By the shit.

When he wakes up, he concludes in his mind that the five great dreams are the same: A post informs me that enlightenment will fall in the hands of God. San Sarin