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The Microfinance Association of Cambodia found that a LICADHO report released in early May was titled, Migration: A village's experience of microfinance institutions and cross-border migration ”is a false report.

Following LICADHO's review, the Cambodian Financial Association has visited the homes of people who interviewed the organization LICADHO met with citizens and authorities in person. The association met two people who were giving interviews to LICADHO, a man named Conrad and a woman named Chum Vandy. Both residents in Kork village, Srah Rong commune, Mongkul Borei district, Banteay Meanchey, told the Microfinance Association that the migration was Finding a job in Thailand has made a lot of life for the people, and getting a job that day is out of the question Order from any financial institution owner.

Conrad, a widow for more than 60 years, says he has no experience in borrowing from any microfinance institution. No. The village chief confirmed the claim by Reth. But he had taken a 2,500 baht loan from a private lender before emigrating during the 2000s. He explained that the villagers, especially those without land, farming and migrating to Thailand, could be life-threatening. Their job has improved because the jobs there are stable and high-paying jobs.

It's not true, he said, because working in Thailand, people can make a lot of money by staying There was a lot of work. Earlier this month, LICADHO released a report entitled "Migration: The Village Experience." One about debt, MFIs and cross-border migration.

LICADHO focuses on a village in Banteay Meanchey province through interviews with family members who stay at home 30 LICADHO researchers find that over-indebtedness is a major motivator There was migration out of the village.

LICADHO Director Naly Pilorge said on the report that “many families have left home and Their homeland to find out the repayment of the loan. ” “Right now, hundreds of thousands of ex-migrants cannot work in Thailand anymore. Problems of Ivory Coast 19 So LICADHO hopes that the government and microfinance institutions can help these borrowers by delaying repayments. Debt to the property owner.

With an in-person interview with citizens and authorities of the Cambodian Financial Association on July 3, the MFI is in fact a partner. It is indispensable to contribute to improve the lives of villagers as well as the development of the community, which is contrary to the report LICADHO