Phnom Penh: "Uncle Elephant" is a miniature film about Cambodia's efforts to conserve Asian elephants. And the rich natural resources of Prey Lang will be screened at the World Wildlife Film Festival Day 2020 In New York, March 3.

Tuy Serey Vathana, program director for Wild Earth Allies (Cambodia) and the main character of the film, told the Post by email today. The Uncle Elephant Film was produced by the team of Wild Earth Allies (Cambodia) earlier this year. 2019 and it was voted by the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival Ranked Silverback Film in October last year.

“Uncle Elephant is one of our first films to be screened at the festival. United Nations Films on Conservation of Nature, Wildlife and Wildlife in New York. "It's very exciting that our work is being shown internationally."

The less-than-five-minute "Uncle Elephant" trailer also shows good cooperation between Wild Earth Allies (Cambodia) and Related institutions of the Royal Government of Cambodia, including the indigenous Kuy community in Prey Lang.

Most of these activities are focused on the protection of Cambodia's natural resources and wildlife, especially the Asian elephants that are currently suffering. Extinct due to hunting and deforestation of its habitat.

Mr. Serey Vathana, who as a child dreamed of becoming a protector and protector of forests and wildlife, especially wanted to work in the field Related to deep-forest research, most people would not be able to say he is now. Realizing his dream is to enter the Prey Lang area of ​​the country Cambodia where he is working to protect and conserve Asian elephants in cooperation with the Cambodian government and the ethnic minority communities .

Through the film "Elephant Elephant", the Prey Lang region of Cambodia is estimated to have the presence of Asian elephants. Only 40 heads. The decline of the Asian elephant population in Cambodia requires the participation of all stakeholders in conservation protection. Restoring the population of endangered and endangered Asian elephants.

Mr. Serey Vathana, who was invited to the opening ceremony of the film "Uncle Elephant" at the festival "I will travel to Washington in March to attend the Environmental Film Festival in 2020," says the International Film Environment 2020. This, while in America, I will Take time with friends, supporters and colleagues, including a visit to National Geographic's headquarters to talk about our conservation work. In Cambodia. ” According to Serey Vathana on March 14, "Uncle Elephant" will also be screened at The Naval Heritage Center.