At present, the evolution of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus is spreading around the world, but information from China gives us a glimmer of hope – new infections and deaths from viral pneumonia. The new Corona is rapidly reducing its economic and social standard of living.

To China, this is a war that has never happened before. The case of the new coronavirus pneumonia virus has spread so large that it is difficult to prevent and control it ever since the founding of the People's Republic of China. More than a month ago, as China's top leader, Xi Jinping, President Xi Jinping recommended directing and directing the work against the new coronavirus pneumonia.

Following the outbreak of the new coronavirus pneumonia, Xi Jinping chaired a series of key conferences, including a video conference around the country, involving hundreds of thousands of representatives to manage and inspire the work of prevention and Manage the evolving state of the new coronavirus infection. He also visited several infectious disease prevention and control bases and studies on infectious disease technology.

Areas across China have followed the recommendations of the head of the State, boosting the work of disease prevention and control, and economic and social development, which have shown strong social and economic empowerment.

During different stages of the fight against infectious diseases, Xi Jinping has demonstrated a thoughtful leadership ability to identify common situations and manage tasks. In the early days of the fight against infectious diseases, he also mentioned the strong conviction, cohesion, prevention and cure of science and targeted policies that provided strategic ideas for victory. The fight against infectious diseases.

When the outbreak broke out, Xi Jinping stressed that "infectious diseases are the norm, the prevention and control of duty" that has motivated the country to join the fight. Amidst the contagious disease situation, Xi Jinping warned areas to "be cautious, pessimistic, tedious, preventative and negligent." As the epidemic situation and control of the epidemic has improved, Xi Jinping made it timely to push for a clean and orderly recovery of production. Such strategic guidance and regulation has made the task of combating this unprecedentedly complex and complex epidemic of disease and widely appreciated by the international community as well as by health organizations. The world, too.

At each key and detail stage of the fight against infectious diseases, Xi Jinping has always made recommendations. How to manage infectious disease? Xi Jinping pointed out the key point: "If Wuhan succeeds, Hubei will succeed. If Hubei is successful, then China will be successful." How to prevent and control communicable disease? Xi Jinping cited a key management approach: "managing the source, cutting off the duplicate." How to treat a patient? "All cases have to be hospitalized for all cases," he said. Xi Jinping's recommendations guide the task of preventing and controlling infectious disease from beginning to end, the concept of modern national governance.

When Tedros, the director-general of the World Health Organization, inspected China, he saw first-hand the situation in which Xi Jinping, the director of the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Program, first evaluated two rare cases: China. Reacted quickly and on a large scale, rare in the second world, the Chinese regime was extremely powerful China's work is hardly the world that are exciting. Now the Sakura flower in Wuhan's Luo Jia mountain is blooming, and the war against the Kuwaiti 19 led by Xi Jinping will also be successful in spring.