Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The 5th National Reading Day on March 11 this year, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport will continue to promote the strengthening and extension of the lower reading sector. The theme “Reading, Training, Research and Innovation” will be held in 10 capital cities and provinces for 10 days starting from 10 days. March 6-15.

Education Minister Hang Chuon Naron addressed the press conference on the preparation of the 5th National Reading Day yesterday at the Ministry of Education. What is different from last year's celebration of the fifth National Reading Day is that the ministry wants to highlight the role of research, promotion and promotion Research by Citizens Students say that reading is not just about reading books. But it can also be read with the use of technology, as the present era is the technological age.

“Last year we promoted Khmer literature. This year, we promote the study of the inscriptions that are one of our heritage, as are the temples we have. We have more than 1,000 temples across the country, built hundreds of years ago, but the inscriptions are rare There are people we know a lot about.

So we use this theme to promote different aspects and images of Khmer culture. ” Minister stressed that this year's reading day, the ministry has organized two seminars, one of which is a workshop held before the day of reading. March 6, 2020 on "Early Reading" aimed at promoting and developing early reading habits.

The second workshop was after the end of the Reading Day to promote the library and disseminate the library standards by managing the principal in Across the country, in order to promote libraries, schools need libraries at their own level.

"We continue to encourage young people to volunteer for various events related to reading to attract young people," he said. Get involved. This year, we have a Reading Day program in 10 provinces and will celebrate 10 days from the 6th Until March 15, ”he said.

Naren also said: “We have some measures to promote and encourage reading for students and youth. In the past, we have established a library of about 10,000 of our schools across the country We have about 6,000 libraries in total Yes, all these schools. But the challenge is that we have a library, but our books are not up to standard. The books do not fit the needs of each student.

According to the minister, this year, the Ministry of Education will also promote the library standard, which requires each school to arrange books accordingly The library standard has enough books and the Ministry continues to publish and distribute the standard books to all schools.

He reminded that over the past 10 years, the ministry has strengthened the practice of library standards, including development partners. Many have also contributed to this, with the implementation of the library standard being largely done on the primary level.

Mr. Hok Sokha: Director of Reading Program, Room to Read, said that in recent years, through working with the Ministry of Education on reading Schools in other provinces have grown in their reading habits and have borrowed books from the library Also at home increases. But he asked the ministry to provide additional funding for the production of books for the library.

"Even though we have seen the results, we have not achieved what we want. The resources that the Ministry of Investment gives to schools to buy books are still limited. If possible, there is a mechanism for the school to be able to buy more books. Another problem is the lack of textbook sources, even though the school has a budget to buy and does not know where to buy them School curriculum »