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According to reports, a man walked into his daughter's room where she already had a husband And when he found her sleeping on the phone alone, he said to comfort her, but refused. Not at all. Then he said, "If you don't, you must do it, whether you are in prison or you are ashamed." She also caught her until he had two successive cases.

She then left to live at her husband's home, and the man sent a text message on Facebook When her husband was heard and heard by her husband, he asked his wife until he broke the lawsuit and told police to arrest the father. This is a legal inquiry.

The arrest of the father took place at 3:50 pm on April 18, 2020 at Point The house is located on a concrete road in Por Sen Chey district.

According to the report, the man, named HAM Sam Ath, 40, had no business living in his home but his 15-year-old daughter. Already had a husband.

On March 13 at 12 noon while her mother and husband were charged, according to her daughter She was not home, and she was sleeping, pressing the phone, playing in the room alone, and then the father came in and opened the door Go into her room and say to her, "Dad, sleep with your baby." When she was denied, her father shouted, “If you don't, you must do it, whether you are in prison or you are ashamed. By the time the father finished speaking, the father had abused him until he had achieved it. This goes to the mother or husband.

On March 20, 4:05 pm, while she was playing near the house, the father said. He called her into the house and acted one more time, even threatening her without telling her mother anything Her husband knows that.

After fearing her father decided to move back to her husband's parents' home. The father sent a Facebook message to his daughter saying, "Your son Sleep in your husband's house for a week and give him one a week. On suspicion of the phone ringing in a text message, the husband took his cellphone and saw and heard the voice of his father-in-law. The wife also asked his wife if he found out the truth and then filed a complaint for intervention at Blister Administration Police Station.

Then, with the order of Colonel Chit Sitha, Inspector of Police, at 3:50 pm, same day, Post Police force The police and district police searched and detained the suspects above the house and brought them to question and set up the case. The rules (Edited by: Bopha)