Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Cambodian Embassy in Malaysia has notified Cambodian citizens working and studying in Malaysia who have failed to return to Cambodia on the day April 7 – Contact Malaysian Airlines to arrange flights to Cambodia on June 16.

The embassy announced on Facebook yesterday that the flight arrangement was possible if there were enough passengers.

"The company reserves the right to delay the flight if there are not enough passengers to cover the cost," the embassy wrote. "Please be aware that any of the 143 passengers should contact the airline or the Embassy team immediately."

Ly Hah, a Labor Adviser at the Cambodian Embassy in Malaysia, said by phone yesterday that the embassy is informing those who missed it 143 By all means, let them know this information. As of yesterday, he did not yet have a figure of how many workers would return. Returning workers and students will have to undergo a medical examination by Malaysian authorities for the detection of Kovir 19.

Ly Kea, a Kampong Cham resident, said yesterday that she was the one who missed the trip back in April. She is happy to receive this information from the Embassy staff and will be back next week. She said she worked in Malaysia for two years. But he returned to his hometown in Kampong Cham.

At the beginning of 2020, she returned to Malaysia, but just one month later, faced a crisis of 19 and had no job. Several months ago. She was supported by some Cambodians in Malaysia and the Embassy for their livelihood. She bought the ticket for 1,200 ringgit [about $ 280] in April and will use it for next week's flight. .

"I'm happy because there is no work here and all the children are here," said Lee Kea.

The Ministry of Health confirmed on May 20 that foreign tourists, both Cambodian and foreign nationals, must enter the country 14. Day. The design is divided into two types: the home remodel for the passengers on the flight Positively, the Kov 19 and the Chaplain are fit for the centers that the Ministry arranged for passengers on their plane.

A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Health could not be reached yesterday.