The loss of EDM club lost more than $ 600,000 Which is in Group 78 in village 14, Tonle Bassac district, Chamkar Mon district on the afternoon of May 24, 2020.

Source: The Phnom Penh Municipal Fire and Rescue Police said yesterday that there was a fire in the EDM Club with fire trucks there. 6. Total units use 35 water trucks, equal to 70 cars, without injury, totally clubbing after a fire One club was shot down and by the morning of May 25, the team was working with the police station to check on the site and ask for security. A guard at the club, but the security guard replied that he was still on the sidelines but the fire came out and did not know why.

Police say an investigation into the cause is still unknown, and ongoing investigations with Cambodian Electricity are feared by the electrical wiring. According to the club's manager, the refrigerator is still on fire, costing over $ 600,000. According to the club boss, the shop's equipment, including expensive liquor and the construction of the sofa table, were burnt down.

Chamkar Morn district governor Theng Sothol led a coalition in cooperation with the fire police in the intervention by firing water from the fire. The club burned down the club until the same day.

According to Chamkarmon district governor, the business owner named Mao Seng Thai, male and fire destroyed his club, causing damage inside. The whole club. But it does not endanger human life.

By: Kolab