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Battambang: As of March 30, the rainy, dry, or rainy season of this year has hit the northeast. Four subsequent attacks on several districts in Battambang province and destroyed nearly 90 houses. There were no reports of crop damage or burrows Class people. According to preliminary information from the reported authorities.

According to the latest report, heavy rain mixed with strong winds An attack on a village in Thmor Kol district on March 30 evening left at least 55 people homeless. Damaged. Of the 55 homes, four were completely damaged, with the exception of roofs.

Residents of Boeung Pring commune, also affected by the storm, told Koh Kong by telephone on the morning of the 31st. March said the rain had not stopped much, but had caused heavy winds and even increased thunderstorms. Too scary. Most of the houses that were damaged by the wind were open to the roof, but luckily there was no danger to people or No serious impact on the crop.

Please note that the rainy season, which is also combined with the late winter or early winter this year for Battambang From March 24 until the evening of March 30 this was 4 times and touched. On three districts. But of these, Thmor Kol district has suffered three major attacks.

In the report that the Koh Kong Islands received in the past, the first time – in the evening of 24 March Flooding hit several villages in Kratie district, causing two houses damaged . The second time, on the evening of March 25, the same summer storm struck the commune of Boor in Phnom Proek district. 13 houses were destroyed, two of them damaged.

But in less than an hour, on the same day (25 03 20), it was reported that in Anlong commune Thun Koul district, wind storm, also damaged nine houses. The catastrophe caused by this natural phenomenon did not seem to ease until after the evening of March 28 the storm had hit further. 9 in Ou Taki commune, Thmor Kol district, and damaged 9 houses. While the provincial authorities and authorities or provincial staff of the Red Cross were busy in the initial round of rescue and rescue, the afternoon of March 30 The fierce storm hit again and the third time on the same district, which led to The authorities and citizens of the district are deeply concerned Hawks.

The last time on 30 03 2 has hit villages in the locality of Thmor Kol district and many people's homes Also affected a lot. According to the report, at least 55 people were damaged in the disaster Due to the strong winds on the last day, four of these collapsed, but no harm. People no.

However, so far, provincial administration officials have told the provincial authorities and provincial Red Cross officials, including officials. The local community has been busy researching, analyzing and collecting data on people affected by natural disasters. Prepare as a food gift Some particulate material primary and emergency help as the weather seems to change almost daily.

With this kind of weather, experts call on people everywhere to be extremely careful about natural phenomena. Snow and thunderstorms »that will occur in the near future.