A man drives a white RX330Wearing license plate number 2BD-9261, steering left, hit the left side of the road, causing the car to break off. This happened at 4:30 pm on June 18, 2020 in front of Chak Angre Pagoda on National Highway 2 is located in Toul Roka 1 village, Chak Angre commune, under Meanchey district.

Provincial police said that the source of the 35-year-old driver, who was the driver of the car, had fled the work. National Highway 2 incident in a north-to-south direction, suddenly drowsiness with a steering wheel Hit him on the side of the road, causing his car to break into the left front tire. After the incident, the driver of the truck and truck were sent to Phnom Penh Municipal Commissioner of Traffic for temporary temporary waiting for settlement Fine later

By: Columbus