Takeo: 28 factory workers on the move On a one-and-a-half-mile car from Hyundai to Daun Penh district, Don Keo crashed on his own car, injuring himself. Eight heavyweight people, including a pregnant woman, are being treated at Takeo Provincial Hospital.

The accident happened on National Road 2 at Koenh Nge Village, Prey Leaf Commune, Traing District, Takeo at 6:30. The morning of April 15, 2020.

According to Trang district traffic police, the accident involving a truck carrying workers was caused by factors. The vehicle's owner said that before the accident, his steering wheel had crashed and he brake and brake. Then the steering wheel suddenly rotates to the side of the car Only on the roads will not affect the travel of other users, with injuries only to the passengers in the vehicle. Only. After the incident, the injured factory workers were taken to eight hospitals in Takeo province.

Over the accident, a truck carrying a worker overturned, Lt. Gen. Sok Samnang, the Takeo provincial police chief, urged the office. Road traffic needs to pay close attention to taxi drivers' licenses and some of the techniques that are on the car, sometimes using the driver's car They are There may be no clear and faulty inspection on minor damage points, worn-out tires or poorly repaired. This is one of the causes of car accidents, so as a police officer serving the people is not Taxi allowed Those workers, killing dozens of ride on car trips to visit laughing.

Takeo Provincial Governor HE Ouch Pheak Visited and Distributed CRC's Budget to Distributed Victims Inpatient at Takeo Provincial Hospital.

During the visit, HE Ouch Pheak advised the medical team to pay close attention to the patients The workers are very careful to treat them as soon as they are well and return to normal. At the same time, the Governor of Takeo also appealed to all citizens who have been employed as Taipei, truck, worker or taxi driver before Wherever you go, you must take full control of your vehicle, as many lives are already in Taiwan. While they were driving Many streets. Takeo: