The Ministry of Health has confirmed that as of this morning, There were 35 patients who were recovering and were discharged from several hospitals in Cambodia while in total hospitalization. Cambodia accounted for 79 out of 114 cases. The Ministry of Health also announced the discovery of four new cases of Kovir 19, while one new healer totaled 35. There are 79 cases of the total 114 patients infected. As of the morning of April 3, 2020.

The four new patients – first, a 67-year-old French man and a 67-year-old French woman In the group with 30 French tourists, a large number of them were found to have HIV infection 19. Thirdly, 59-year-old French woman out of the four French tourists found in the group was professional The first two HIV-infected persons were treated at a hotel in Sihanoukville and a fourth male. 40-year-old Malaysia is a temporary resident in Peam Chung commune, A district Gold Province.

The victim, who was also recovering, was a four-month-old baby, the son of a French man who had just been cured and was recovering. Release from National Pediatric Hospital ៕ By: Kolab