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We should rethink work that includes voluntary activities and other socially beneficial tasks
Based on MIT economist Andrew McAfee, we should expect most jobs to be replaced by automated services. Somewhere in the future.

The only jobs that can continue are those that work in human relationships such as mental health and social work.
It brings us to the first change we need to make to prepare for a new economy that we need to rethink Expand the definition of a job that is worthy of pay and benefits such as insurance and retirement benefits.

People now do a lot of work that benefits the unpaid society, including volunteering, education, parenting and community activities Other. But it's about time we start considering the value of these jobs.

In the book of EdWard Bellamy, Looking Backward 1888, the character in the sleeping story of 1887 Awakening in 2000 found that people were no longer trapped by their work. With technology moving the world forward, people spend time learning new skills, teaching others and following their interests. That's what science fiction looks like in the future.

The UK has taken this step, and the government considers volunteering at least a job search People are fit for social insurance even though they are unemployed. Why not make the job we call volunteering worth it?

The Art of Benefiting the Society, economist Lawrence Katz believes the new economy will have a kind of One who seeks the meaning of life by expressing himself.

This is at the heart of unemployment concerns. Long ago, many people centered around the purpose and identity of life around work, and unemployment was a concern. But it is not always so. In fact, in people's history, identity is based on family, community, religion and ethnicity – it's something we return to In the new economy. (In the sequel)