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So far, the Cambodian medical team has performed well, with praise from Samdech Techo Hun Sen, the Ministry of Health and you. Also sick.

As a result of both physical and mental efforts, the Cambodian medical team cured 19 19 Kovid patients, while 84 The others are under treatment. At the same time, the fight against Kiev 19 has not lost anyone's life so far.

Samdech Techo Hun Sen on March 30 said at a press conference that he would like to congratulate all Cambodian medical team Who have been working hard to diagnose and treat patients with CAV-19.

At the same time, Samdech also expressed his government's interest in the medical team working in the field Anti-coronavirus 19, which is killing so many people, is thought to reach the 200,000 mark. Ahead. The plan to buy millions of masks and 5,000 doctor's prescriptions for financial incentives is on Among the many measures the government has taken in order to provide all kinds of support to Cambodian doctors.

The dedication of the Cambodian medical team also deserves the respect and love of all Cambodians as doctors They worked day and night and separated from their parents and children for a while. More specifically, Cambodian doctors risked their lives for the lives of patients.

Each Cambodian person must turn his or her respect and affection for the Cambodian medical team into an active engagement Strategize with the spread of the HIV-19 virus. Cambodian people must do their best to protect themselves against infection with the Kov 19 virus so that the burden is not increased Fell to the doctor.

Experience in many countries has shown that people's participation is crucial in their fight against the Kiev 19 And so, at times, the Kod 19 had infected so many people, almost beyond the reach of the system. Health of the whole country, like Italy and Spain. Most importantly, the participation of each of the people in the battle against Kovwe 19 was a direct defense of one's life .

Samdech Techo Hun Sen also called on Cambodians to take care of their own health and to protect themselves Do not get infected with HIV 19 and transmission to loved ones and others.

While most of the HIV cases in Cambodia are imported, he appealed to all Cambodians Returning from overseas trips, especially the more than 100,000 workers returning from Thailand, understand the need Having to set himself aside for 14 days to monitor personal health b Loun and cholesterol to prevent HIV transmission 19 adjacent to its husband and wife, and children. People in the country should understand that washing their hands with water and soap or using alcohol or a disinfectant gel It is a defensive weapon against the germs 19.

Samdech also shows that he also considers alcohol to wash his hands as a weapon he has taken to protect against. Also infected with CAV-19. Therefore, all Cambodians must follow the instructions of the Royal Government for life and personal health and for people Beloved and all nations.

Separate Self-Care for 14 Days When Infected With HIV infection 19 Knowing How To Protect Yourself Through Washing Hands on, face masks, being at least two meters apart, not traveling to crowded cities Do not travel abroad without cleaning your toiletries Work and housing, etc. is what the Cambodian people must do to fight against the Kov 19.

This battle against the enemy would not have been possible without the participation of all the learned Cambodians How to protect yourself against the germs 19 through the instructions and follow the instructions By the government and the Ministry of Health in the fight against the disease, Kov 19 .

We will travel together as a strong nation with a great victory One in Cambodia to fight against theovirus 19. So we must all join against Kiev 19.