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Siem Reap Provincial Governor May 26, following the guidelines of Mr. Tuy Seiha, Governor of the Board of Governors Provincial Deputy Governor led a working meeting on the survey of homeless and beggars in Siem Reap and invited Also present by the Commissioner of Provincial Police, ladies and gentlemen, deputy heads of the provincial departments and inspectors of the 12 municipalities.

Following the discussion, the meeting raised the following stakeholder plans: 1- Request a police station, manage the data Homeless, migrants, psychiatrists are systematic. Continue to manage homelessness in the cities, districts and districts. 3- Continue to collect data on the homeless, disabled and psychiatric on a practical basis. 4. Follow the National Committee's resolution on homelessness. Requests for all channels in the Municipality that have not provided data, please provide the sample statistics provided to the Secretariat .

At the same time, Mr. Neon, Deputy Provincial Governor also confirmed to all 12 Municipal / Sangkat chiefs to continue their defense. And prevent further polio 19 Although our country is weak, we must continue to prevent waves. 2 more ៕