Takeo: Speaking at the ceremony of nomination and assignment To the National Police Officers of the Takeo Provincial Police Department in the morning of March 11, 2020, at the Auditorium of the Provincial General, Gen. Pen Vibol Instruct the newly promoted Lieutenant Governor from the rank of Colonel to file a declaration of his property in the Anti-Corruption Unit. Information The publication, either to confirm the Loyalty.

"This is the first time that he has come down to the provincial police to hear Khan," Gen. Pen Vibol said. Takeo Provincial Governor lauded Praetorian forces for justice and good order management, especially on crackdown and Drug possession with cracking cocaine Drugs are also available at Kyrgyzstan so that the people will be more confident and get praise from the provincial authorities, the National Police We must take care of our citizens to the best of our ability, especially to keep our village policy safe. .
Also speaking, Takeo deputy governor Khan Sokha urged local authorities, especially the Kirivong district police, to continue their activities. Stop the marijuana trade ban and continue to eradicate the growing of cannabis cultivation. It is active in cultivation at the waist of the hill and is covered in ta Small steps to make our Takeo province one of the most secure in the society.
It should be highlighted that the appointment and transfer of the royal service to the national police has been announced to appoint 24 officers to the rank of colonel. 07 Lieutenants – 44 lieutenants (2 women), 92 lieutenants (3 women), and distributed a congratulatory letter of honor. Serving 54 good people by: Keo