Takeo: April 16, 2020 Yesterday Takeo provincial police chief Lt. Gen. Sok Samnang ordered his forces, led by Lieutenant Colonel Chiang Son, to receive an office plan. Anti-Narcotics Patrol: Located on a hilltop in Prey Sar commune, Kirivong district, Takeo province. The impostor Throw it all away because it is illegal to illegally grow a marijuana plantation and seek the offender to prosecute according to the law. .

Chiang Saon, deputy commissioner of the Takeo Provincial Police Commissariat, said that leading police forces, special offices and special intervention forces of 20 provincial police chiefs People seeking to find the site of a smuggling ring illegally growing marijuana on a hilltop north of Dubei, the result of the crackdown, including demolition Burn Marijuana 5 position on the total arable land area of ​​1975 square meters destroy light tanks 7.

Currently, the task force is searching for the owner of the above site to take legal action and to inform the village chief. Further help residents in their area not to continue growing marijuana because it is illegal. Takeo