The Cuban Embassy in Phnom Penh because of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused the worldThe crisis is particularly severe, especially in tourism.

In the Working Meeting with HE Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, at the Ministry of Tourism of the Ministry of Tourism on 1st April, 2020, HE Ley Carroll Giorgio promises that as the Covid-19 crisis catches away from the world, the Cuban Republic will continue to inspire its visitors. More tourists and investors come to Cambodia.

Lorre Carret Giuseparizio said that, unlike much of the global situation, people, tourists and Most Cuban investors have left Cambodia because of some visas, some want to return Back home amid fears of infection with Covid-19.

Liberos said the Cuban side continues to support and strengthen good relations with Cambodia. His Excellency Minister Thong Khon also expressed his appreciation for the friendly relations that the two countries have achieved.

In addition, HE Dr. Thong Khon also requested the Ambassador of Cuba to co-sponsor the training of speaking guides. More Spanish Spain because of the Cuban people and peoples of South America (except Brazil) is mostly N Yeah, Spanish.

Cambodia has also received a large number of Spanish-speaking tourists among the 6.6 million international tourists, HE Dr. Thong Khon said. Which Cambodia received in 2019. By: Wisdom