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Tony Fadell is the father of the iPod or creator of a music player that was dropped by Apple. . In a recent interview, he shared that the most important lesson he learned from Steve Jobs was ), The former Apple CEO, storytelling.

Jobs has followed a simple formula that you can also learn to help put you ahead of others in the process. Your next display is as follows:

1. Selling dreams
No one just buys a product, they buy a solution for the problem they are experiencing. Jobs also sells solutions, but there is one feature that makes him more successful than anyone else. He once said, "We believe that dreamers can change the world for the better. Those people are our customers. ”
So you need to first know who is buying the product from you? What hope and dream do they have? What do they want in their careers? Then create products that help make their dreams come true.

2. Create an enemy
A good storyline has brave people, evil characters, and obstacles that keep the audience interested and eager to follow. Jobs used these points in his presentation.
He usually starts the presentation by introducing the characters in the story and explaining the evil characters as obstacles For people. He then creates a feud between the brave and the above-mentioned villains before revealing the hero he was trying to sell. To the customer.
In the end, the warriors won the war and changed the world, and people have been happy ever since. Edited by: Sokhuk