Phnom Penh: Phnom Penh Municipal Court Delayed Continuation of Kem Sokha's Foreign Affair Case Despite Request by Law Group As for the defense of Kovid 19, an old dialogue between Mr. Sokha and Prime Minister Hun Sen was A re-tweeted Facebook player was interesting.

Kao Sao, President of the Trial Chamber of "Foreign Affair" with Mr. Sokha, Accused Hearings on this case, seeing that the situation of Kov 19 has not subsided.

According to the June 23 letter, in response to Co-Lawyer Co-Lawyer Kem Sokha's comments, That the Trial Chamber felt that it should be discontinued due to the conditions of Kov 19.

"Everyone is still scared about the HIV-positive 19 virus," the judge said in the letter. The spread is fierce and globally serious. Also, the courtroom could not accommodate between 30 and 40 participants, necessitating a gap 2 meters or 3 meters.

Kao Sao said that the continuation of the hearing was aimed at maintaining a smooth, responsible and responsible hearing environment. The safety of all stakeholders and the national and international public who attend without fear of infection.

“The risk of resuming the proceedings in this uncertain time could jeopardize the entire hearing and make To undermine the rights of the stakeholders if there is an accidental transmission of the virus and so on "A retrial should be held at a reasonable time."

Chan Chen and two of the four lawyers, Meng Sopheary, said yesterday that their co-lawyers Kem Sokha filed a motion to resume the hearing on the case on June 17, seeing the condition of the disease 19 Seems to have recovered.

According to the Co-Lawyers' request for a continuation of the hearing, Mr. Sokha said, “To ensure respect for the rights of As well as justice for our client, we are the Co-Lawyers requesting the Court to consider pursuing the case in Criminal Case No. 5642 / I, dated 03/09/2017 of the Phnom Penh Municipal Court, but maintained the gap according to Ministry of Health guidelines » .

The trial began in mid-January and lasted until the second week of March Suspended by request of Co-Lawyers, representatives of the Royal Government and the Co-Lawyers for the accused against Kov 19.

In early May, Mr. Sokha attended Hun Sen's mother-in-law's funeral for foreign diplomats. It was a positive step, after which Western and Japanese diplomats visited Kem Sokha often.

At the same time yesterday, a Facebook page called "Social Justice" took over the tone of the conversation Phone between Prime Minister Hun Sen and Kem Sokha.

Facebook, which has a profile called "Free Kem Sokha," tweeted, "Listen to President Kem Sokha just talk to Hun Sen It is clear that President Kem Sokha, we not only support Sam Rainsy's insane policies but also cowardly. Throw in Sam Rainsy just like Sam Rainsy, ”he said.

The talks are likely to be filmed after 2015, including cultural talks, agreements, and voice issues The majority and minority in parliament beat former opposition lawmakers in October 2015. Hun Sen Says He Could Not Forgive With Sam Rainsy Compared to Sam Rainsy Gaddafi, a former Libyan leader called dictator.

Political analyst Em Sovannara said the pronunciation of the old conversation appeared to be intended. Interestingly, there have been some pro-ruling press coverage of the ruling party, though Know this sounds old.

“We can understand that the purpose of the advertisement seems to be to facilitate and to achieve Accepting Kem Sokha. This is a survey of the Cambodian public and the international community to see what they think. ” .

Another aim would be to expose the international community to a series of delays, EBA withdrawal and curiosity, he said From the reactions of the national and international public, they understood when the former opposition leader was fired.

But government spokesman Phay Siphan said yesterday that he felt the conversation was merely sharing information. Sharing information and how you interpret and perceive it is an individual matter.

“To me, I think this is just information. The conversation has nothing to do with national security, but between individuals and even the prime minister This is an internal matter between individuals and individuals. ”