Kratie: Kratie Provincial Court yesterday releases three community forestry activists and one NGO human rights activist Groups gather to protest in front of the court for their release.

Heng Sros, a forestry and environment activist who led a small group of protesters in front of the court, demanded the release of the four activists That was followed by a banner that read: "Loggers do not come to the forest protectors" and the four photo banners. .

“I applaud the Kratie court decision and also regret that they have been detained for three days. Neither is it guilty. I understand law enforcement on forestry activists, this is a distraction for other forest protectors, and we will There is no compromise on the will to protect the forest. ”

“The investigating judge and prosecutor Keo Socheat, the prosecutor of the Kratie court, have decided to be released, but they are not free. The court is under surveillance, ”he said.

Tav Wuthen, spokesman and deputy prosecutor and Chea Sopheak, Kratie Provincial Court could not be reached for comment yesterday. No, sir.

Heng Fresh said the arrest of Ouch Leng, director of the Cambodian Human Rights Task Force and three Prey Lang community citizens, had been made in the complaint. Mr. Lach Phano, Representative of Think Biotech Co., Ltd. Following their arrest, the Kratie Provincial Court charged with three offenses under Articles 299, 360 and 32. Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations

According to Heng Fresh, the initial incident on March 13, the four men riding a motorcycle patrolling the forest suddenly arrived in the area. At one point they stayed at a village near the company and then they motored together to buy water, but there was no vendor Only in the ground, Sing Bay Oaks has a good deal of shops They went to buy water there when a security guard detained and used violence against the people. One of them.

The court must continue to investigate the perpetrators of the violence, said Seung Sen Karim, spokesman for the ADHOC's Human Rights Protection Association (ADHOC). One of the forestry activists was injured.

“We have found that if this has not been released, they will continue to work. Accusing or detaining them is clearly a threat to forestry activists. ”

Kong Sidon, deputy chief of the Kratie police, could not be reached for comment yesterday. But he told the Post on March 15 that the four suspects had been handed over to the provincial court. Kratie on the morning of March 15, after officials questioned the cause of the case against Singbao Ookke to have the court take legal action. Continue.

"I got this complaint from the company, they went to the company headquarters where the ban was, and they Also taking pictures in their office without permission.

Luch Chhang Chang, the company's director, and Lach Phano, a representative of Tsingtao Oaks, were not immediately available for comment. Ouch Leng and three other people, identified as Cam Sok Khi, Thi and Man Mat, were detained by security forces on Thursday morning. March 13 ៕