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Battambang: A woman has died and her husband was injured in a car crash while riding a tractor trailer. Directions occurred at 5:20 am on June 24th at Khsach Meas Village, Khnach Meas Commune, Bavel District, but the driver of the car caused Escaped after provocation.

The vehicle was identified as Hyundai, wearing a Battambang license plate 3.A 3503 Escaped after the accident. He said the car had hit a black Honda C125 with the license plate Battambang 1.M6597, which also had tractor trailer injuries, causing injury and death. One who is a couple.

The victim, Sedina, 40, was living in Khnach Meas village, Khnach Meas commune, seriously injured and his wife, he said. Touch Dina, 38, died at the scene.

Witnesses said the car and motorbike were traveling from east to west, but on time The car accelerated to the side of the motorcycle, but did not overtake it.

The source said that the crash did not stop and immediately tried to run away but was caught by authorities .

Vail district inspector Sok Sarin confirmed that the car had been trying to flee the scene but was being chased by authorities. Discovered as the driver escaped, leaving only the vehicle.

However, his specialist brought the car with the victim's motorcycle to a temporary storage at the district inspector's office to deal with it. Procedures ៕