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According to reports, the couple was riding motorbikes all morning aiming to go shopping. Suddenly, a tree fell and caused serious injury to both people and motorcycle damage caused by the shock of the hour. 8:30 am, April 26, 2020 North Street Siem Reap river Po Lanka, located in Center 3 g refineries.

According to a police officer in the commune of Slakram commune on the evening of April 26, both victims were husband. Wife 1 – Husband named Muparu, 56, driving current residence in Trang village, Sangkat Slam Kram, town / Siem Reap 54-year-old Angkor Conservation Officer The motorcycle of the victims of the 2018 zoomer x red, black and white, damaged by broken saddle and Middle fuselage.

According to the source, before the incident, the couple had a motorbike out of the house on the way to Pursat Market. Lanka looking for a luggage When one of the above incident, a peacock fell and fell and pressed down. Two of the victims who were traveling on the road caused the man to recover The husband suffered serious injuries to his head and shoulders, while his wife suffered a gunshot wound to the chest Damaged completely.

Both victims are currently being treated at Sung Rithy Hospital, and a motorized zoomer was taken by the child. The victim's body has been kept at home. (Edited by: Bopha)