Takeo: His Excellency Lt. Gen. Sok Samnang, Takeo Police ChiefThree district inspectors – Kirivong, Traing and Daun Keo – have been delayed in criminal cases seeking the arrest of the suspects. The cause of this escape has been, since now, not been able to suppress or delay the case and ensure security. Dear citizens, you do not have to have a replacement for this work.

His Excellency made this statement at a meeting to mark the appointment, assignment, appointment and appointment of 161 foreign ministers Photos and awards will be presented to the Police Officers for their outstanding performance at the Hall of the Police in Takeo this morning. May 27, 2020.

He added that all district and municipal inspectors should review the signs of return to their homeland, especially foreigners working Keep track of suspicious behavior and conduct patrols at key targets to maintain order and security To the people, well, do not let the myths come up and crack down, seek to find out. The signal is to be punished according to the procedure so that the people will have more confidence in the police.

At the same time, the Deputy Commissioner urged the Deputy Commissioner to obtain the Internal Security Plan to continue to understand and grip the situation around the base. The work and activities of some of the suspects, who are planning and carrying out activities that cause insecurity It is time for the state to block it first.