Takeo: On the afternoon of July 6, 2020, HE Lieutenant-General Takeo Provincial Police Commissioner Sok Samnang summoned eight casino owners along the border of neighboring countries to advise and disseminate their policy. The government that has decided to reopen in Casinos
To support the economic situation of the people, many of the residents there have been suspended after the presence of the Corona virus 19 Ivory Coast in Cambodia In recent months.

"Because of our country, we are facing a serious outbreak of infectious disease 19, which is a serious disease," he said. Millions of people die of the virus and die globally, but Cambodia has the case. There were no deaths, and there has been a series of cures for the disease and the debilitating effects of the disease. Also on the day, the Royal Government of Cambodia, led by Samdech Techo Hun Sen, announced the reopening of the casino and KTV club from restaurant to restaurant. Comply with the Ministry of Health's guidelines to contribute to the economy of the country, while the people who receive the benefits from such work are not less than Ten thousand.

He added that betting had to comply with the guidelines and had to ensure the safety of guests or customers on health and security matters Better order ៕