Chinese President Xi Jinping praised community workers for their vital role in combating the deadly disease of cholera-19, urging them to continue their efforts to prevent the epidemic and serve the people as a whole. Mind.

Xi, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks in a letter dated April 9, 2020. Wednesday to the community in a neighborhood in Wuhan, central China's Hubei Province.

"I'm glad to know that people in the Wuhan community, including your neighborhood, are returning to normal," he said in the letter. Xi pointed out that people in urban and rural communities have been fighting cowboy disease 19 without fear and solidarity.

In the letter, he cautioned against slowing down the spread control despite the fact that travel restrictions were lifted in Wuhan.

"The community remains an important safeguard against foreign cases of the disease and the spread of the epidemic in the country," the letter read.

Xi urged community workers to continue monitoring their outbreaks and make new contributions to overcome the People's War against the Kov-19.

Communities are at the forefront of the fight against viruses. Nationwide, more than 4 million community workers are standing in for roles in urban, rural and urban communities, and about 650,000 since the virus outbreak, they have made a huge contribution to the prevention of disease and ensuring the safety of people. Provides for the daily needs of the people.

Focusing on community-based epidemics management, Xi made relevant recommendations, praised community staff and visited communities in Beijing and Wuhan.

Community workers in the Wuhan community, which Xi visited recently, wrote a letter of appreciation to him and the CPC Central Committee, as well as their high commitment to their duties.

Update: October