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BEIJING – A senior Chinese official says he is confident his government will take concrete steps to address the issue. The outbreak of the coronavirus is ongoing and will be successful in preventing the virus from causing death. Chinese authorities say the number of confirmed cases has risen to nearly 10,000, with 213 dead People.

Chinese Ambassador to the UN Geneva Chen Xu says he does not believe the World Health Organization's decision Thursday, declaring the virus a global health threat has had a disastrous effect on China.

Instead, Chen says WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in announcing the decision expressed complete confidence. On China's ability to control the outbreak.

The World Health Organization says 98 cases of the virus have been detected in 18 countries outside of China There was no death. The agency said the main reason for the announcement was the fear of contracting a virus to infected countries Health is weak and unprepared to deal with the disease.

The Chinese ambassador said his government is ready to support African countries and Elsewhere, it may be helpful to fight off the virus.

So there is no need for excessive panic. Chen says the World Health Organization has declared a public health emergency that is of international concern. Chen says he believes the epidemic will be eradicated as a result of the decision and effectiveness of his government along with its actions International efforts to stop the virus from spreading.

Source: voanews , Edited by: Fortune