BEIJING – China's government at all levels has allocated a total of 116.9 billion yuan (16.7 billion US dollars) to prevent and prevent pandemics as of today, China's finance ministry said Saturday. Friday.

"As efforts continue to be made to curb the spread of the infectious disease virus, the Treasury Department has issued a press conference on March 14, 2020, Treasury official Fu Jinling said at a press conference. The Chinese government has introduced measures to curb the effects of the spread on the economy.

By the end of Friday, the coronavirus or polovirus 19 had infected 80,824 people and killed 3,189 on the Chinese mainland. The government's first-quarter fiscal revenue was temporarily affected by the outbreak as it cut taxes and fees significantly to support economic growth.

However, Fu said China's economy has high potential and resilience, and the size of the fiscal deficit is still large, leaving plenty of room for budget adjustments. Update: October