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The flu vaccine and the gap cure, according to CNN's Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The society will be the main protection against Kov 19 in the coming months.

If the second wave occurs, Redfield said at the House Appropriations Committee in response to the outbreak of the disease. When the flu is spreading at the same time, it's really bad for all hospitals. He said if more people get the flu vaccine, it can reduce stress on the health system. Yes.

"About 47% of the American public gets the flu vaccine," he said. We really hope that the American public will think of the flu vaccine as an important way they can help the nation. This goes beyond this fall. "

In addition, social distance will remain important. "The social gap that we have implemented has to be perfect because we need it," Redfield said. Be our protector against infection in either October, November or December. ” Extract from website: cnn (Edited by: Bopha)