PHNOM PENH (The Cambodia Herald) – The morning of March 6 He told the public that on March 5, three Chinese men were living in a city. The spot in Sen Sok is not a case of Covid-19, because three Chinese men were scared by the Chinese. On their own, they were free from disease.

The spokesperson said that after receiving information on the case, Phnom Penh Governor Khieu Sreng ordered Sen Sok district governor Mou Manith. Health officials and local authorities visited the three Chinese homes on March 5 Ago. After the team had been questioned, the expert concluded that there was no connection to Virovich 1 (Corona) and the group The operation recommends that the three above-mentioned Chinese people be hygienic when they meet their Chinese friends Coming from China, the region is suffering and catching up Symptoms of a disease such as cough, runny nose, fever, 38 degrees Celsius, difficulty breathing. The three Chinese above said: “The boss they called a private doctor in Ratanak Plaza (Sangkat Teuk Thla) ) Check in before booking at the restaurant only.

Mr. Meas Pheakdey said that in this case, Phnom Penh Health Department will continue to monitor the three nationals More. Moreover, in relation to health situation of Phnom Penh people, especially of Covid-19, the Governor had followed closely. Be very careful and always ready to take action on this issue.

At the same time, a spokesman for Phnom Penh Capital Hall appealed to all citizens not to rely on unreliable information which could lead to You are mistaken as in the case above and as in other cases, and please do not continue to share unreliable information This is even more hurtful You don't surprise people.

Deputy Prime Minister HE Aun Porn Moniroth, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance, said that for the overall framework, measures and mechanisms involved in the prevention of Covid-19 virus The government plans to spend more than $ 30 million to develop defense systems and surveillance equipment, setting up camps Ke, get settled and find those who are infected.

In addition, the Ministry of Economy and Finance is working with the Ministry of Health and other partners to develop a common framework, measure and mechanism for relevant Protecting Covid-19 and other viruses, for six months, the government plans to spend more than $ 30 million through the development of the system. Protects and monitors, arranges places for receiving, as well as finding out those who are contagious to prevent and treat in case of Contracted the virus. Developing a hardware and software solution to prevent this, along with a range of possible solutions to systemic considerations Protecting public health for future outbreaks. By: Kolab