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Kampong Chhnang: A horrific accident happened at 5 pm on January 21, 2020 while students were From Srongramar High School, located in Sre Pring village, Kampong Chhnang commune, Kampong Chhnang, a motor vehicle bearing a Royal license plate was opened. Very quickly, Boh Many motorbikes, students and teachers suffered serious and minor injuries, while the driver of the car was arrested. Also legal case.

Kompong Chhnang traffic police said that before the incident while teachers and students were coming out of King Suramarit High School Some are crossing National Road 5 and others are about to cross when there is a car NISSAN NAVARA with a tractor bearing Khemara plates. Royal 2-74 36 Drive by a man named Hailey Houtmei The lieutenant, a lieutenant in the Ministry of Defense's engineering unit, was speeding southbound and crashed into a motorcycle. A truck caught on the road and an overhead vehicle about 50 meters overboard crashed into a wheelchair by a young woman and The car continued to crash and two other motorbikes remained Thinking by students and teachers are still about street car then hit up the embankment road before going out.

Following the incident, four teachers and students were seriously injured and two of them were injured. Go to the provincial hospital. At the same time, young women were found trapped underneath a car while two motorbikes, one of them carrying a Phnom Penh 1D license plate. The 8858 and the Honda C5 125 badge number Kampong Chhnang 1E.5409 suffered serious damage to the front of the vehicle while the Vivian motorcycle. Hit first, light damage.

The car was damaged in front. As for the motorbike, there are three motorbikes, a bicycle and a car are to be taken by the police to the traffic office of Provincial Police Commissariat awaits legal settlement. However, the driver of the car was arrested by the authorities to build a case.

On the morning of January 22, Colonel Chhim Sarun, Chief of Traffic Police of Kampong Chhnang, said that the driver of the car above. Made a case to court and after questioning and measuring alcohol was 0.82 legally legal drivers. Alcohol levels of up to 0.40 are required Penalties of up to 0.40 and below are punishable by law.