Phnom Penh: Samdech Krom Kheng issued an advisory to governors and provinces Continue to reorganize the local outreach and consultation forum on a regular basis, and the forum is organized in a thumbnail with one participant representation Each time no more than 50 people will have to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of Kodi-19.

According to the letter of Samdech Krasaing Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Interior on June 15, 2020, 19 Globally and regionally, including Cambodia, has negatively affected socio-economic development, including impeding functioning Of the entire public administration, which affected the management and management processes of the sub-national administrations, such as the process of holding meetings, organizing public forums, and Involving local stakeholders and stakeholders to address the challenges, requests, and responses to local people's priorities. The goal is to promote good governance and democratic development at the sub-national level.

In this context, he added that in order to continue to push for the smooth running of the dissemination and consultation forum of the Capital, Provinces, Municipalities, Districts and Khans Involvement of all stakeholders and achieve expected results and contribute to prevention of the epidemic -19 The Ministry of Interior has advised the Capital and Provincial Administration to carry out such tasks: Disseminate and consult on a regular basis, usually in accordance with the Law on Administrative Management of the Capital, Province, Municipality, District and Khan. For the composition of the forum, the forum is organized in a series of thumbnails by a representative of more than 50 participants and implemented preventative measures. Prevent the spread of Kovud-19 in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Health as follows: Water heat monitoring Alcohol or gel for hand washing must wear a mask or use a scarf to maintain social safety gaps and individual safety gaps. The Capital, Provincial, Municipal, District, and Khan Departments should invite representatives from all levels and representatives of the working groups from the Capital, Provinces, Municipalities, Districts and Khans This.

At the same time, the C / P administration must instruct the Municipal / District / Khan / Sangkat / Sangkat councils to implement education measures for the people for regular hygiene according to the instructions. The Ministry of Health's prevention of the epidemic of Kodi-19. By: Columbus