Cambodia's Minister of Labor HE Ith Sam Heng has asked for more information from CDRIConducting research on the demand for skills that can meet the diversification of industries such as agribusiness, product processing and industry More able to absorb skilled labor to facilitate job opportunities and to ensure the sustainability of education, technical and vocational training to ensure Ba "A young person has at least one skill in his life" and promotes professional knowledge especially to promote socio-economic development. One more level.

HE Ith Heng added that the Cambodian market is currently in high demand for TVET (technical and vocational labor), but young people are not turning back It is also His Excellency's request to CDRI to conduct research to encourage young people to seek out Study A In the field of TVET.

The Minister of Labor and Vocational Training requested the CDRI to help identify and address the shortcomings Encourage the private sector to open more TVET technical and vocational institutions while Cambodia is in need of labor In this area a lot.

The Minister of Labor has supported the research activities of the CDRI, which is pursuing a number of projects related to education and training. The coming year will include the promotion of higher education in Cambodia and research, dialogue, policies and programs Develop the capacity for technical and professional education and training, and make this research more effective and relevant to your education policy. Government as well as reference material for researchers, professors and students