Phnom Penh: Minister of Health Mam Bunheng says malaria and dengue fever can predict when the disease will not be completed A disease that is more fierce than any other.

At a press conference on "Update on HIV 19" on April 27, 2020, Mam Bun Heng confirmed that no drug or vaccine has been found to prevent the disease.

"I would like to inform you that if the malaria dengue fever is easy to predict, it is new and not yet infectious in the community, so it is difficult to predict the malaria rate by 2025," he said. And last year's dengue we could have predicted, it reached the top of it 50,000, because it has its history, we can know, we can predict the nature of the technology. Science. But now we can't say where it is, you know, because for the most part we're mostly foreign, and I don't know if our people are in Cambodia, we have imiums? Do not know all because he has not been sick, we will know! So why not have an eMoney, what is the imimetry, we do not know because it is new to it. So the only thing that can be done is to avoid getting into the community like I told you, don't be surprised by the high risk, the low risk, the low risk, no problem! Educate our people about this problem Scientists also do not predict, the World Health Organization (WHO) also does not So we do not know the probability, if we know the prevalence as malaria, we know, we can guess, we can study, we can take concrete measures, but this we do not know and then do not know its properties. It's short, it's one day, or only one week, there's another, we don't know, so the question is, just be careful, be careful. All of caution. "

He stressed that this issue must be carefully studied before it can be concluded at any time.
In the meantime, the Minister also called on the people to keep clean and keep the gaps in place and to follow the guidelines of the Royal Government as well as the Ministry of Health, which was recently laid down Together, we will continue to prevent and prevent the Kov 19 from becoming more effective.

Contacting more than 200 Cambodian prisoners and fishermen in Malaysia who wanted to return to Cambodia, he said that he would be allowed to return to Cambodia if he did not have the disease.

“And for those in Malaysia who have been released and they want to come back and for the fishermen who want to come back, we have asked the Royal Government and the Samdech Hun Sen's government has granted a very high order, but His main condition is that to ask the Malaysian side how to test the 19 of them on I am about the culprits and the fishermen. The fisherman we asked for a test for Kov 19 if there is no HIV 19 there will be a return to him if the person with the virus has to be treated there as we treat the Malaysians in Our country too. ”

He added that for the convicts and the workers when they arrived in Cambodia, it would take 14 days to inspect and detect 19 additional viruses.
At the same time, he said, the ministry is working on a system to track the outbreak of HIV / AIDS 19 across the country to find out where the patients are or where they are.
"I would like to inform that the Ministry of Health is now conducting a patient monitoring system and the Prussian system means that those who are affected by us are doing so now at the Institute of Public Health, and we will know immediately where the patients are," he added. Wherever we are, we know all over our country because we have experienced malaria now You know, malaria somewhere, any village, any commune, and what has been done, and all over the country, we know, how many people have AIDS, where to get treatment for a few days and we all know we have our monitoring system now. We are also setting up this tracking system. ”

Regarding the purchase of the mask, Yok Sambath, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, said that the Ministry will receive 11 million masks from the beginning of this month.

"We are contracted to buy four masons for silk masonry and N95, we are contracted with three companies, two local companies, one in Kampong Cham, one in Kompong Som (Special Economic Zone) and another international company," she added. To date, in our strategic warehouse, we already have 8 million more mass than we have N95 80,000 masons, and we have 5,000 clothes and a pillow of pillows, we are ready for 5,000. In addition, we have a contract with another company, Kampong Speu, he produces locally for 2 million meters. So the question is, when will it be received? On the 1st Sunday of May, we will receive a total of 11 million mass stockpiles for fabric masks, which will be received on May 5, 28. All equipment, medical equipment and supplies for the people We are by the end of the fifth month, we will be in warehouse of all plans. ”

In addition, the Secretary of State said that so far, the ministry has used the state budget for 60 to 75 percent of combat operations 19.

At present, Cambodia has 122 people infected with the disease, while the number of healers has increased to 119, with only three remaining. By: Tylott