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Kampong Cham: An 8-by-9-meter-high tile house collapsed But a team of crane operators, technically called the blacksmith, caused a slippage and collapsed. The incident occurred at 1:30 pm on January 16, 2020 in Prek Rumdeng village, in Pong district, Koh Sotin district.

The house of Veng Sovan, a 53-year-old female, though no one was involved in the incident. No casualties can be considered good luck even if the house is in ruins.

Colonel Im Khan Khon, Koh Sotin district's police chief, said the owner of the house had rented out his property to move. Aging backward and upward. After the crane crew is ready to go to rest, the meal is gradually getting ready to take off. New place.

As the owner of the house and the rest of the group took a break, the accident happened. The bottom of the trunk caused the large and heavy wooden house to collapse. One was as flat as a typhoon. This can be considered lucky if the team is doing some housekeeping and falling down There were serious casualties or deaths.

Immediately upon receiving this information, the administration of the post office arrived at the scene to investigate it is unknown Of the damage, the amount is still unknown. Until the morning of the 17th, homeowners and trustees were negotiating to find a solution To have a complaint.

Please note that in Koh Sotin district, in the past, there were no wooden houses collapsed due to rolling Such a home. It is rare that moving homes becomes such a disaster.